Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Web Spotlight Wednesday: The Medieval Sourcebook

Trying to make your way through the fabulous The Name of the Rose and getting caught up on references to old Church doctrine? Do you need a translation of Anna Comnena's The Alexiad after reading Anna of Byzantium? Then you might like to check out...

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook

The site is hosted by Fordham University and is touted as the place to get free primary source documents from the middle ages (low and high) from varying perspectives. I was recommended it a couple years ago when I took several courses on medieval history and needed quick reference access to major documents. I wouldn't say it's "light reading," but if you really need to get the bottom of what really happened at the Council of Trent, then you can find it quickly, easily, and gratis right here. Basically, if you're a research geek like me, you'll love it. Either that, or this is old news for you and you already have the site bookmarked.

The great thing about the Sourcebook is that it's a good survey of all the pivotal documents and it's easy to find everything. The site is a bit "old school" in it's design, but since it's worth is in the richness of its content, and it's easily navigable, I didn't find that a hindrance at all.

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