Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I know, I know...

I appear to have disappeared from the blogosphere over the past week or so, and... that's pretty much what happened. I'm not making excuses, but what can I say? I just started my final year of college (including one class where I'm reading 1-2 academic books per week), I'm working on several personal projects, and on top of all that I have to have time to *read* these historical fiction books in order to review them!

So, if I don't post a whole lot for several days or a week at a time, never fear, I will return! Here are a few things I have in the works for October:

**I just downloaded my copy of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, and I am unsuitably excited about reading this. I can't wait to see what harrowing adventures "renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon" has gotten himself into this time!
**More above-average romance from the Tudor Rose series by Susan Wiggs.
**Profiles to historical blogs I've been reading and LOVING lately.

And as a sort-of sidenote, since I do often read books that are not distinctly historical or historical-fiction in nature, would anyone be interested if I post reviews on those here, anyway? I've done a few in the past, but I wasn't sure if it seemed too digressive from the point of The Courtier's Book.

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